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When it’s time for keg to perform, will you be ready? Do you silently suffer knowing your beer could run out at any time, without warning? Beer anxiety. Tragically, this acute condition goes untreated for countless beer lovers.



At Kegtron we understand and are ready to help.

Our solution is simple: An elegant app and affordable hardware to monitor your kegs. Now you have an answer to that eternal question: How much is left in the keg?


The Hardware

Keg Monitor HardwareThe keg monitor is a patent pending wireless device that keeps constant watch over what goes in and out of your keg. Put it in your fridge, kegerator or keezer: the splash-resistant hardware is simple to install and made for messy environments.

Delete your app? Upgrade your phone? No problem – all critical keg stats and history are stored within the keg monitor.

Available in single and dual tap versions.

The App

Kegtron AppFrom your phone or tablet, your keg stats are just a click away. Ready for a single tap kegerator or a wall of twenty handles, the iOS and Android apps easily accommodate the home beer lover and the tap room.

We know you have better things to do than screw around with WiFi network settings, Bluetooth device pairings or cloud accounts. The Kegtron app makes it simple: load it, launch it and pour your next drink!

About us

At Kegtron, our motivations are simple:

  • We love good beer.
  • We love making good beer.
  • We love electronics.
  • We love building electronics.

Stay tuned as we combine these simple ingredients into great products.

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