How much will it cost?

Please visit our Kickstarter Page for preliminary pricing guidance. Final pricing will be available when we launch our online store in late summer / early fall 2018.

Will it work with homebrew kegs?

Yes! The following sizes are pre-loaded:

  • Corny – 5 gal
  • Half-corny – 2.5 gal

…but you can always add your own custom size.

Will it work with commercial kegs?

Yes! The following standard commercial sizes are pre-loaded:


  • Full (half barrel) – 15.5 gal
  • Pony (quarter barrel) – 7.75 gal
  • Sixth barrel – 5.16 gal


  • 30L
  • 20L


  • Full – 50L


  • Pin – 40.9L
  • Firkin – 20.5L

…and you can always add your own custom size.

Will it work with my iPhone/iPad?

Yes! The Kegtron app is designed to run on any device running iOS 9 or later. This includes:

  • iPhone 4s and later
  • iPod Touch (5th gen and later)
  • iPad (3rd gen and later)
  • iPad Mini (all models)
  • iPad Air (all models)
  • iPad Pro (all models)
Will it work with my Android device?

Yes! The Kegtron app is designed to run on phones or tablets running Android version 6.0 (marshmallow) or later. The device hardware must also support Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

What is the wireless operating range?

Typically your phone/tablet can interact with your Kegtron hardware from a distance of 15 – 50′ (5-15m). Of course, everyone’s setup is unique and this is just an estimate. Your mileage may vary.

I put this thing in my fridge? Is that cool?

Yes, very cool. Cold even.

Kegtron is designed to sit in the same fridge (e.g. kegerator, keezer, walk-in cooler) as your kegs. This ensures that your beverage lines stay at the same temperature as the keg to prevent foaming and/or spoilage.

Will electronics be OK in the fridge?

Yes. The Kegtron enclosure is a special splash-resistant case that protects the internal electronics from humidity and liquids. We know it can get messy in a brew fridge (looking at you, homebrewers!).

Please note there is a difference between “splash-resistant” and “waterproof”. Please don’t try to find that dividing line!

How do I power this thing if it’s in my fridge?

The keg monitor hardware is powered by a very lower-power DC wall adapter. A very thin cable is passed inside the fridge to each keg monitor. A 6′ (2m) cable is included to make it easy. Expansion units include a splitter cable so you only need a single power source.

How many kegs can I monitor?

There is no hard limit to the number of Kegtron devices you can monitor. The Kegtron app scans and monitors any and all active devices. Our unique monitoring method is not restricted by conventional chipset and/or OS limitations that would otherwise limit other simultaneous wireless connections.

That in mind, you can start small and grow your setup later knowing the app will scale with you.

How does it know how much is in my keg?

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you first connect your keg, you tell it the starting size. This is typically the same size as the keg itself, but you can setup a custom starting volume.
  2. As you pour drinks, the Kegtron hardware monitors the flow of liquid out of the keg and keeps a running tab of the dispensed and remaining volume.
  3. When your keg is empty and a new one is connected, just reset the volume via the app.