Foam Sucks

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If you have one keg or many, chances are high you’ve had to deal with foam. When we say ‘foam sucks’ we really mean ‘too much foam‘ sucks. After all, a solid foam head on a well-poured beer is a beautiful thing. Europeans appreciate this and hopefully we’ll get there in America (please be patient […]


Pimp My Tap

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“Yo dawg, I herd you like kegs so I put Kegtron with your kegs so you can see your beer while you drink your beer.” OK, Xzibit probably never said this on Pimp My Ride but listen:  Maybe you have a kickin’ kegerator or a cool-ass keezer, but isn’t it time for a little bling? […]

Product Details!

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Greetings good kegpeople! Now that we have our site up and running, we’re overdue for some details on the product! We’re sure everyone is mostly interested in our brewcat, but there may a few of you wanting to learn more about the wireless keg monitor. If you have kegs on the brain, check out the […]

Time to brew

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No matter how cool and well-instrumented your kegerator or keezer might be, you’ve gotta keep your kegs filled. At Kegtron that means it’s time take a break and start brewing. Any serious job requires a supervisor to keep things on track. Our four-legged site foreman happened to setup watch underneath the mash tun. Good thing it […]