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The Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor does exactly what it is intended to do and does so very well. Installation and setup is a piece of cake, the build quality of the unit is good, the app works seamlessly, and it measures dispensed volume with a surprising degree of accuracy… (read more)

Brülosophy March 21, 2019 by Marshall Schott

The Kegtron worked flawlessly. That’s exactly how you want these homebrew gadgets to work, but isn’t always the case. And you might think it’s unnecessary brewery bling, but I can tell you from personal experience that once you start having the information at your fingertips of how full your kegs are, you don’t want to go back to your less enlightened days… (read more)

Homebrew Finds March 19, 2019 by Brad Probert

You could argue that with each beer that we have, we get dumber and dumber, but that’s okay because your beer taps just got smarter. Good thing too, because after a night of drinking someone should be running the show… (read more)

Gadget Review May 23, 2018 by Conner Flynn

Everyone knows the clumsy routine of keg lifting, shaking and guessing or the dreaded tap blowing foam (usually an hour after your friends show up). Well those caveman days are over – introducing Kegtron, the wireless keg monitoring system that takes less than two minutes to install and has it’s own app… (read more)

Drinking Made Easy May 21, 2018

The Kegtron is here to keep an eye on your keg and make sure that the  keeps flowing, whether it’s a party or just a quiet night of drinking. It works with any smartphone and with any keg. It will sit between the keg and the tap, using an internal flowmeter to measure how much liquid comes out of the keg… (read more)

Geekazine May 11, 2018 by Conner Flynn

The Kegtron device is a new gadget meant to bring “intelligence to your kegerator,” in a way that works simply with any smartphone. Designed to sit between the keg and the tap, this device uses an internal flowmeter to measure how much liquid has been poured out of the keg, and a wireless processor to send that information to the companion app… (read more)

TrendHunter May 9, 2018 by Justin Lam

Kegs are the best and most efficient means to store and serve beer. The one problem with kegs, of course, is knowing exactly how much beer remains in the kegs. One can lift the keg and judge how much beer remains based on estimated weight, but there is a new tool that makes the process much simpler and more accurate. It’s called Kegtron, a device that presently has an active Kickstarter campaign and is ready to help you better manage your kegs using a wireless phone… (read more)

Great Beer Now May 10, 2018 by Bryan Carey

Running out of beer in mid-party is a real disappointment when you’ve paid a premium to set up a home keg system, but a new Kickstarter project called Kegtron wants to help you with that issue. The new smart device hooks up easily to the taps in any kegerator or keezer, and can tell you key information at a glance, such as how much beer is left and how many drinks that translates to given a custom-set serving size… (read more)

Android Headlines May 10, 2018 by Daniel Fuller

Het is gevoelsmatig al zomer. En dat is het perfecte moment om op het terrasje een koud biertje te nuttigen. Of er een aantal bij de bar te bestellen en dan mee te nemen naar je vriendengroep. Er is echter niks irritanter dan dat tijdens het bestellen blijkt dat het biervat opeens op is en je moet wachten tot er een nieuw vat is geïnstalleerd… (read more in Dutch)

Want May 5, 2018 by Jelle van Es

Digital Trends May 7, 2018 by Lulu Chang

Whether you are a craft brewer, hobbyist or just like to enjoy keg beer from the comfort of your home. You may be interested in a new wireless keg monitoring system aptly named the Kegtron which was taken to Kickstarter this week… (read more)

Geeky Gadgets April 30, 2018 by Julian Horsey

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